Thursday, September 16, 2010

the musn't spoil your frock smock

Up until this weekend I was still using the bibs I made for the Little Miss when she started eating solids at 6 months old. Needless to say they were too small and barely covering her chest - food was getting all over her clothes. So I bought some laminated cotton fabric thinking I would make her some bigger ones. And what would you know but Danielle emailed me to try out her new Musn't Spoil Your Frock Smock pattern. Perfect timing? I think so!

This pattern is great! It doesn't take very long and you know there is no food (or paint, markers, etc.) getting past these smocks. The most challenging part for me was working with the laminated fabric and clear plastic vinyl which were materials I had never sewn before. I found using a longer stitch on the vinyl helped a ton and that I didn't really need to iron the laminated fabric bias tape which saved time. All in all I would definitely make this smock again (which I did as you can see).

And here is the smock in action, catching all of the yogurt that didn't make it into her mouth. Just wipe it clean and it's ready for another use. We have also advanced her to a booster seat at the table - in her words she is a "super girl" now (big girl). I totally agree.

Find the pattern here or wait to see it in in the upcoming book, "Fabric Extravaganza: One Yard Wonders".