Wednesday, August 31, 2011

little vintage style v.20

Welcome to Little Vintage Style, a place to show off your sweet little ones wearing vintage! Link up every Wednesday, and make sure to click around and say 'hello!' to all of the other vintage lovin' mommas like you!


LM wore: vintage dress from mien123
I am feeling a bit under the weather (I picked up whatever Lark had last week), so I apologize for keeping this short. My brain doesn't seem to be functioning at the moment as I have sat here for far too long staring at the computer screen and all I have come up with to write is - we took these pictures on a HOT day.

It certainly was hot, and now my head feels the same way... so I better get some rest.

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Monday, August 29, 2011


For some reason I always looked forward to the stage where I would find my child asleep in odd places. And now that that time has arrived, I have to say it is pretty darn adorable.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

shop update

Here is this week's shop update (as always you can follow me on twitter for real time updates). Head on over if you'd like a closer look! Any Snoopy lovers out there? :)

We are calling it an early weekend and taking off for one last summer road trip. I am looking forward to lots of family time and hopefully some thrifting luck! See you next week friends!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

little vintage style v.19

Welcome to Little Vintage Style, a place to show off your sweet little ones wearing vintage! Link up every Wednesday, and make sure to click around and say 'hello!' to all of the other vintage lovin' mommas like you!


Please welcome our last guest host of the month, Ellyn, and her adorable daughter Ella! I love a good sneaker/dress combo and this is just about the cutest one I've seen!

Hi there! I'm Ellyn, a proud mama of a feisty two-point-five-year-old Ella and a marshmallowy 3-month-old Miles. I like to infuse vintage into my kiddo's wardrobes because it's a fun throwback to my childhood, it's eco-friendly to recycle and my kids look unique!

I can hardly say no to a one-of-a-kind vintage dress for my little girl. This black lacy number from Kid Wonder paired with sparkly Converse slays my heart. Wouldn't Ella be the freshest prom date ever? She seriously has some mean dancing skills.

Thanks so much for having us Stacy! We love your blog for promoting vintage goodness. I'm over at where I write about my growing family, and in early September, I plan on opening myown Etsy shop, Vintage Aga, where I plan to share the vintage kiddo clothes love.

Thanks Ellyn, I can't wait to see what pieces you have stocked up for you shop... not that I need any more temptation, ha!

I will be back with my girls next week to round out what has been a fun August for LVS! Thank you so much to all of the ladies who helped out and gave me a little summer posting break. It was so nice, but I am ready to get back in the mix!

Do you want to show off your little sweetie wearing vintage? If so, let me know at stacecadet21 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

sunday afternoon

Is this an outfit post, a peek at our weekend, or something in between? I don't really know, but I love my new vintage dress so I had Husband take a picture (and, Hello! It's been awhile since I've made an appearance here). I seriously wish I had a whole closet full of dresses this pretty and easy to wear, and I might become a bit obsessive about fulfilling that wish. The best part is it has a handy concealed zipper on the side in front so it is baby friendly, perfect!

Sunday afternoon we ventured out for a walk on the parkway trail and LM practiced her bike riding skills. We got her a glider bike for her birthday and she looovves it. She is already picking her feet up and learning how to balance and its so fun to watch her gain more confidence each day. We might have encouraged her to be a little ambitious going down a small hill though, which ended in her first spill. Thankfully, she was smart enough to go for the grass so there were no scraped knees and after some hugs she hopped back on.

Lark got her first fever and a little bit of congestion this weekend. So sad. It stayed mild and with a lot of naps and nursing she recovered fairly quickly. This morning it looks like she has passed it on to her sister though, so today we are keeping it low-key and only making a quick post office run later. 

Hope you had a lovely's to a lovely week ahead!

Friday, August 19, 2011

nursery tour

It feels SO good to call the girl's room done, and I am thrilled with how it turned out. It makes me smile when I walk through the door - its a happy-inducing place to be! I had no real concept in mind when throwing it all together, so I am kind of amazed that everything seems to work. You can definitely tell what colors I am drawn to and that is what helped unify the hodge-podge of thrift finds, handmade items, and purchased artwork in the room. Let me take you on the grand tour...

As you walk in the door you see LM's space in the opposite corner. My sister gave us the toddler bed and we painted it white to match the crib. The quilt was handmade by me. Her artwork hangs on the wall above her, and her stuffed friends hang out in the cradle below. The window lets in more light than I want at nap and bedtime, so I usually throw a blanket over the top... neither pictured, nor ideal, but it works for now. Someday I will get around to finding a permanent solution, and I also want to raise the curtains to the top of the wall... wait, did I say the room was done before? :)

Moving to the left, you see the dresser between the crib and bed. It was originally white when I thrifted it, then we stripped the paint and refinished it. I love the painted drawer pulls and the richness the dark wood brings to the room. On either side of the dresser are some vintage suitcases for toy/anything a toddler deems necessary to hoard storage. And, I guess if the room was decorated around anything it would be this rug. I loved the print and colors and it was one of the first purchases I made with the nursery redo in mind.

Above the dresser are some art prints, a frame, and a vintage Scrabble game board. I plan to switch this up a bit since a larger version of this print is on its way. I can't wait to get it - top knot! cats! party hats! On top of the dresser is a vintage lamp I used when I was little (probably all of my sisters used it at some point); it has little millinery flowers inside the glass. LM's favorite bedtime books as well as some vintage children's books are surrounded by forest animal friends, and the mushroom is a nightlight.

Then we get to Lark's corner of the room (see topmost pic for an expanded view). The clouds above her crib, as well as her crib sheet were handmade by me. Her blessing dress (the light yellow one) was hanging to the side by itself, but then I decided to display some of my favorite vintage dresses along with it. It will be fun to change them up every now and then, especially since some of these see use! The rocking horse was a gift from my in-laws.

Little birds (I like to think of them as larks instead of sparrows) fly through the clouds and along the wall toward LM's side of the room...

And then we are standing back in the doorway!

Finally, the corner directly across from the doorway (this view is if you were standing in front of the crib), is my quiet nursing spot. Above the rocking chair is a Noah's ark crewel that my mom made for my older sister's nursery back in the 70's, and you also get a peek at the closet doors with the bunting I made for LM's first birthday party draped above them.

So, are you wondering why there is a 'D' and an 'A' hanging above their beds instead of two 'L's'?  Some of you may not know that Little Miss (LM) and Lark are the girls nicknames I use on the blog :)

I hope you liked the tour!

Below is a list of where most items came from in case you are curious:

Letter 'A' - Anthropologie
Rug - Urban Outfitters
Shelf - Ikea
Mushroom nightlight - Target
Crib - Target
Toddler bed - hand-me-down
Clouds, Quilt, Crib Sheet, Doll - handmade
Mobile, Doll Crib, Noah's Ark Crewel, Lamp, Deer bookends - vintage

And, I can't remember what the paint color is called! I know I saved the swatch somewhere, maybe someday I'll come across it and update this post.
UPDATE: I found where I tucked away the paint swatch. The wall color is Behr Window Pane and the drawer pulls are Behr Reef Green.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

shop update: pajama party!

There is a pajama party going on in the shop this week! Lots of cute colors and prints, some even in lots! Head on over if you want to get a closer look...

If you follow me on twitter, you know there was a sale in the shop last weekend. I've decided to extend it through this weekend too, so enter SUMMERLOVIN at checkout for 20% off everything! Also, I've added more items to the SALE SALE SALE section, all $6 or less! Help me make room for more amazing vintage - I've got lots more to share with you!

And, I finally took pictures of the finished nursery so a tour will be coming soon... yay!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

little vintage style v.18

Welcome to Little Vintage Style, a place to show off your sweet little ones wearing vintage! Link up every Wednesday, and make sure to click around and say 'hello!' to all of the other vintage lovin' mommas like you!

Hello everyone! Please welcome our guest host this week, Rubyellen, and her sweet trio of girls. I always love to see what darling vintage frocks these three are wearing - their momma has great taste! I'll let her take it from here...

Hi! I am Rubyellen from Cakies and these are my three little babycakies... True, Brave, and Soul. More often than not, one, if not all, can be found wearing vintage. I have a horrible soft spot for collecting pretty vintage little girl dresses. If I find one I really love, I have a hard time saying no, especially since I probably won't ever see that dress again. It is a horrible habit, but good thing I have three girls so everything easily gets passed down and nothing goes to waste. 

On this particular day, the girls got dressed up to go my baby shower that were thrown by my friends Linda and Danni. I was wearing vintage that day, so vintage was the way to go for them too! It is so cute cause they know exactly which dresses of theirs is vintage and which are not. I am glad they love buying and wearing vintage just as much as I do! I hope that never changes, but we will see... 

photos courtesy of John Lauren

on True: dress, vintage via salvage house. tank, can't remember. belt, thrifted. shoes, saltwaters c/o tea. bow, h&m. 
on Brave: dress, vintage. shoes, saltwaters.
on Soul: dress, vintage. shoes, handmade by mommy. 

Thanks Rubyellen! Can't wait to find out if Babycakies #4 will be wearing these dresses someday, or if boy vintage is in your future... either way it will be exciting! What we do know for certain is he/she will be adorably dressed! :)

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Monday, August 15, 2011

shadow puppet party!

LM's birthday party was this weekend and we had so much fun! She was truly the happiest little girl surrounded by all of her cousins and was spoiled with love! As you know, the theme was 'Shadow Puppets'. We kept the agenda simple, starting out with a puppet show and popcorn, then we let the kids try out different hand shadows, ate hot dogs and Izze, and finished things off with cake, ice cream, and presents!


The birthday girl was very concerned that we needed to have three things at her party: party hats, balloons, and candles on the cake. Pretty easy requirements! So, we made some simple cone party hats, as well as a few fun pillbox hats with big feathers on top for the girls (see first picture, inspired by). I thought Lark looked so cute in her party hat!

I made a theater  for the puppet show using a cardboard tri-fold and white butcher paper. It worked great, but if I were to do it again I would use sheets so it would be easier to store and wouldn't potentially break or tear. 

For the puppet show we thought it would be fun to do a Mad Lib type story, so we wrote one and had the audience yell out adjectives, verbs, etc. to fill in the blanks before we started, it was a great way to make them more involved. Then we dimmed the lights and passed out popcorn. The story turned out so funny with the random words thrown in, and Husband saying a silly phrase every time a character was mentioned in the story. For example, whenever the knight was mentioned he would pause and say, "Hey, how you doin'?" like Eugene in Tangled, then continue on with the story...

Above are pictures of the main scenes. The story was about a Princess who was having a birthday party, but didn't invite the mean dragon and witch. They were mad and decided to cast a spell and turn her into a donkey! Her fairy Godmother gives a knight a gift to make the dragon and witch become nice so they will tell him how to reverse the spell which turns out to be...can you guess?... a kiss! So the knight kisses the donkey and she becomes a Princess again. Everyone is happy and becomes friends, the end!

It was a silly little story and all of the kids loved it! The story uses all of the shadow puppets in this set.

For her present we got her a bike and helmet, but the bike isn't coming until today (I thought I had ordered it in time for the party, oh well!). She was very excited for her head protection though, ha! She got a lot of fun presents like art supplies and music toys which she has been playing with ever since, what a lucky girl!

When it came time for blowing out the candles she got a bit shy so I had to help her out. Husband made the entire cake from scratch and it was so yummy, I wish I got a better picture. I think it is going to be tradition that daddy makes the birthday cakes since he did it last year too!

For party favors I gave each family a copy of Fun with Hand Shadows to take home. It was such a nice time. Thank you to everyone who could come, I know LM felt special on her big day!