Wednesday, August 3, 2011

little vintage style v.16

Welcome to Little Vintage Style, a place to show off your little ones wearing vintage! Link up every Wednesday, and make sure to click around and say 'hello!' to all of the other vintage lovin' mommas like you!

I've decided to feature guest hosts for LVS during the entire month of August. I'm so excited for the lovely ladies I've got lined up to show off their sweet kiddos rocking vintage! It's going to be a fun month full of the cutest little faces. Please welcome Whitney, who is kicking the month off for us! I admired her shop from afar before recently 'meeting' her on twitter, and I have to say she is the nicest lady with a great eye for all things little...

Hi! I'm Whitney, and I run the shop little reader vintage on etsy. I'm so glad that my daughter, Tayvee, who is almost two, still lets me dress her in whatever I want! As you can see, Tayvee loves to "put on makeup" and walk around with tons of barrettes in her hair! I think it's really adorable.

This dress is one of my favorite vintage dresses I've ever found for Tayvee - I love the color combination and the simple style! (Please excuse the wrinkles...) I really try not to collect *too* many vintage dresses for Tayvee, but when I'm out looking for vintage for my shop, sometimes it is really hard to resist! From her birth, my philosophy with dressing Tayvee (with the exception of onesies and diapers) has been: don't dress her in anything you wouldn't want to wear yourself. I have tried to stay true to this, and I've found it's much easier with vintage clothes than with all the graphic-covered outfits from department stores. Vintage is just the best!

On Tayvee: vintage dress - thrifted, Minnetonka mocassins - thrifted, vintage barrettes, thrifted.

Thanks, Stacy! I love seeing this feature every week on your blog, and Tayvee and I are thrilled to be a part of it. 


Thanks Whitney and Tayvee! I would definitely rock that dress myself too!

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  1. Oh, she is really, really adorable! My daughter (also almost two) is obsessed with her "bows", too. She loves picking out barrettes, although she's never tried more than one at a time!!

  2. we looooooooooooove little reader!!!

  3. Tayvee is a doll, especially with those clips!

  4. She is so freakin adorable...I just LOVE seeing pictures Tayvee!

  5. She is so sweet! I love all her little expressions. And that dress is so fun!

  6. She is so cute! That dress is amazing - so are the moccs!!s