Monday, July 30, 2012

starting an art journal


Yesterday we started a new on-going kid's project - making an art journal! The plan is to spend some time on Sunday afternoons documenting something we did the week before with collages and words using anything we can find laying around the house. I want to foster a desire in LM to record the big or little moments of her life and hopefully help her on her way to be an avid journal writer - something that has been important to me in my life and I think will be a healthy habit for her to form. The bonus is she can explore and discover how she can express herself through art, and it is fun!

I already think that next time I will have her use a blank journal/sketch book so I won't have to keep track of her pages and figure out a way to make them into a book later - we'll see how it evolves, but this worked for now. She decided to make her page about the water slides we went to on Saturday. I helped her decide on a concept for the art since this was her first time doing any sort of collage. She drew everything and I helped her cut it out. Then I wrote down what she told me about the day,

"I love daddy to come with me on the water slides. I love mommy and daddy and Lark to come on the water slides with me. They were FUN!"

My favorite part was the little drawing of her going down the slide...

I didn't get any real life pictures of her going down the slides since I was holding Lark in the pool, but she was really brave and went down them several times even though she was a little scared of the noise and the splash at the end.

I did snap this picture of her though... and yes, she is bringing back the sunglasses holder trend ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

cali trip

I finally sat down to go through all of the pictures from our trip to California last month. We had a great time and squeezed in Disneyland, Sea World, the beach, an A's baseball game, and relaxing pool time. We also tried not to go too crazy driving for hours in the car with a baby who likes to yell unless I reach back so she can hold my hand. So sweet, and so uncomfortable. Here are some snapshots of my favorite moments...

Friday, July 27, 2012

one of those...

Lark and Daddy exploring our future bedroom

Today is one of those days. You know the kind - where you have a giant throbbing goose egg on your back from being slammed into three different times while go-cart racing, and the house you are trying your darndest to close on has one more setback. At the beginning of this week we were cleared to close on our loan and we were so happy to finally be at the finish line... and then the title company found another issue - my name should have been on a certain piece of paper at the very beginning of the whole process. So, I have one more paper to go in and sign this afternoon and then hopefully everything will be in place. Except it is going to take at least four days for this addendum to be officially accepted. Everything takes so long. I am trying my best not to get disheartened, but honestly, since we thought we were free and clear this last little setback was a blow.

This whole process has been such a learning experience for us. In case you are wondering why it is taking so long the short explanation is the loan we are getting will include home improvement money on top of the house cost. So, we had to present our plans, get multiple quotes, have the house inspected and appraised as if the improvements were done, and then get approval. It was a lot of work. I don't think I have ever felt so many different emotions over anything, even childbirth, but I am positive it will all be worth it in the end.

I am ready to get past this process that has left both husband and I so jaded and get excited about becoming homeowners again. Because, really, we are fulfilling a dream!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

shop update: for little boys

The shop has been updated with little things for little boys!

This weekend we are dropping the girls off at my sister's house to spend the night and husband and I are going out on the town to celebrate his big 3-0. We aren't doing anything fancy, just dinner and a movie, but getting to spend time together uninterrupted by the kiddos is going to be so nice. Not to mention sleeping in the next morning! I can't wait. Do you have any fun plans?

little vintage style

Lark is a hugger. Like a wrap her arms around your neck and squeeze with all her might while she buries her head into your neck and giggles kind of hugger. It is pretty much the best thing ever. If she sees other people hugging she will crash the party and weasel her way in to join them. One of her favorite books has a line about hugs in it. The closer we get to that page I can sense her excitement start to build - her arms begin to slowly lift, a smile breaks out across her face, then before I can finish reading the word hug - bam! - she has that book in a full on bear hug.

I hope she will always embrace life with this same amount of excitement. And, of course, never stop freely giving me hugs.

Lark wore: romper, vintage//converse shoes, gift from this sweet lady
Mama wore: dress, vintage//belt, Target//shoes, BC from Ross

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

then and now

Yesterday this fun picture popped up in my Pinterest feed and it made me smile...

 (pinned via jenny//source)

...because earlier that day I had snapped this one.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a perfect match

I hereby officially declare this the summer of watermelon!

Our little Larkie Lou has fallen hard for the fruit and if it is anywhere in sight she will LET YOU KNOW THAT SHE WANTS IT IN HER MOUTH. I am telling you, the girl has found her soul mate food in those juicy red triangles. Of course, I know what comes out the other end when she downs half a melon, so I am not the one constantly indulging this love affair - Grandpa is the one to blame (or I'm sure in Lark's mind applause and deem him her favorite person ever ever) for keeping the house consistently stocked. But, really, I don't mind a bit. Watermelon and this girl were made for each other, so I'll let her enjoy this summer fling while it lasts...

Do you have a soul mate food?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

refashion: less is more

I love an easy and gratifying project that can be accomplished in one afternoon, and this refashion certainly fits into that category. When I came across this dress at the thrift store I immediately knew it could be something more - with less.

Out came the seam ripper with a fond farewell for the sleeves and lace. The ribbon was attached with a safety pin and that came off as well. Then I just had to sew the now raw edge of the arm opening down to finish it up. Twenty minutes later and voila, a whole new look!

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