Friday, July 6, 2012

little vintage style: little patriots

We had a nice Fourth of July and hope those of you who are stateside did too. We spent the day with family playing volleyball, swimming, eating, and watching some firework shows from afar. Utah has been burning up with wild fires all over the state, and just this week the mountain next to ours went ablaze. It was heartbreaking and scary watching the huge smoke cloud billow up like a bomb as the neighborhood congregated on the street wondering if the flames would jump over to our peak. Needless to say, all fireworks were banned in our area.

The flames were mostly under control but still burning as we drove home late on the Fourth, so we went a little closer and watched them flicker in shock and awe...not the firework show we were anticipating this year, but mesmerizing none the less. Thankfully, everyone is alright and no homes were lost, but it definitely put the power of nature into perspective. Also, I love firefighters.

But, let's move on to happier subjects - like this face, for example:

I am telling you, this face has me wrapped around it's little finger. Lark is almost 16 months old and her personality is bursting out. She is so funny, and expressive, and learning new things faster than I can keep up. She loves looking at books and the other day I found her reading in the shower. Sometimes when she gets a little bump she will run to her sister for comfort. Watching the Little Miss hug her and pat her back while Lark buries her head in her shoulder and pops that thumb in her mouth... well, it's just about all my mothering heart can take. 

LM really is a sweetheart to her little sister. She cracks me up every single day. She is such a ham and loves performing whether she has an audience or not - I often walk in on her mid-song and dance routine and she is completely unashamed and just starts singing louder. Between the two of them I am completely done in.

For their patriotic attire this year Lark wore a vintage dress that you may remember LM wearing as a top. LM wore a vintage sleeveless shirt in a fun red, white, and blue print. See what she wore last year here.

Lark wore: dress, vintage//sandals, Target hand-me-downs
LM wore: top, vintage//worn-in pants, Target//sandals, Saltwaters


  1. lovely to see a vintage style post, sailor vintage is my fave, your girls are so cute

  2. i think i say this every time but these are my faves! they are just the sweetest little girls ever.

  3. That little blouse is so, so darling, as were your sweet girls. Happy day!

  4. Awwww they look so sweet together in the red white and blue. I remember that dress on LM. How lovely to see both of your girls wearing one of your treasures.

  5. lovin' the vintage clothes!! I'm a new follower and now i'm off to check out your shop :)

  6. hi stacy.

    i'm your newest follower and find your blog simply a wonderland of lovely!

    hope you'll follow back.