Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a perfect match

I hereby officially declare this the summer of watermelon!

Our little Larkie Lou has fallen hard for the fruit and if it is anywhere in sight she will LET YOU KNOW THAT SHE WANTS IT IN HER MOUTH. I am telling you, the girl has found her soul mate food in those juicy red triangles. Of course, I know what comes out the other end when she downs half a melon, so I am not the one constantly indulging this love affair - Grandpa is the one to blame (or I'm sure in Lark's mind applause and deem him her favorite person ever ever) for keeping the house consistently stocked. But, really, I don't mind a bit. Watermelon and this girl were made for each other, so I'll let her enjoy this summer fling while it lasts...

Do you have a soul mate food?

1 comment:

  1. So adorable. My little one is addicted too. She could eat a whole half watermelon to herself. Your little girl is wearing the perfect bathing suit for eating watermelon. Doesn't show stains. I learned the hard way =(

    - Sarah