Tuesday, July 3, 2012

our growing library

(We are back and settling into a non-traveling summer routine. I have yet to go through all of our vacation pictures, but a recap will be coming soon!)

Most afternoons I carve out an hour or so during Lark's nap and the Little Miss and I have 'book time'. I've been letting her choose picture books, her favorites starting to look worn in, but the other day I decided to try a chapter book for the first time. This very copy of Charlotte's Web was my first chapter book, and it is a story that helped shape my love of reading early on, so it was an easy choice. I explained that there were not as many pictures so she would have to listen carefully and use her imagination. That day we got through two chapters which was more than I had hoped for and best of all - she liked it!

Adding a chapter book to our reading routine was such a nice change of pace for me. It helped rekindle my desire to build a library for my girls to fuel their love of books and learning. I have always been a bit of a bookworm myself, and enjoy snuggling on the couch reading all about bugs just as much as getting lost in a story.

Although we have plenty of present-day books in our library as well as on our wish list, I cannot resist snatching up all of the vintage books I come across at the thrift. And, lucky for me an old school teacher must have donated her books lately because I have been finding some real gems. Those pictured here are just a few of my favorite illustrations and typography - two of the main reasons I cannot resist them.

"Illustrated Atlas for Young America" 1956
"The Song of the Day Birds and the Night Birds" 1967 
"This is Music 5" 1962
"The Story Hour" 1957 

What present-day or classic books do you count as must-haves in your child's library? I would love to hear so we can continue to grow ours!


  1. My favourite book as a toddler was 'Big Sarah's Little Boots'. I would demand it be read to me so many times that after a while I could 'read' it cover-to-cover before I could *actually* read!! (I memorised every word!)

  2. we love "belinda and me"--a sweet book about friends. the cutest illustrations!

  3. Don't you think illustrations have gone down hill a bit since these were made? I love that stores are bringing back all of the old Gyo Fugikawa books! "Little Wild Horse" sounds like a good one.