Tuesday, June 26, 2012

checking in

Life has been extra busy, filled with extra good things... We had a blast in California, visiting Disneyland, the beach, Sea World, and hitting up a baseball game somewhere in between. I turned 29 on the 25th and was spoiled by my sister who brought me lunch and then shoved me out the door to go shopping while she watched the girls (I know, right?), and by my husband who came home from work early and took me out on a date until late. He also surprised me with a Kindle. I love a good book so I am excited to try it out. As for the girls, they are keeping busy eating their weight in watermelon and wearing in their swimsuits.

But, the extras don't stop there... This weekend is our annual Girl's Weekend my mom puts on, so the girls and I are hitting the road once more! I spent the majority of today cleaning the house and car, and doing laundry after being gone last week, so it is crazy it's already time to pack again. At least this time I will come home to a tidied up house :)

More photos to come... thanks for sticking around while I am out.

Has summer been keeping you extra busy too?

{{p.s. the SALE is still on}}

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