Friday, July 19, 2013

another edelweiss

I couldn't go too long without whipping up another Edelweiss dress. Since I made the last one a tad bit more difficult with all of the added piecework sewing a more simple version the second time around felt like it went super fast. You may have noticed a color theme going on this week. I promise I didn't plan on making everything black and white, but what can I say?! I am falling for the trend.

So this is my KCW summer wrap up! I didn't have time to sew a ton and I didn't even sew a single thing for sweet Lark, but it was really fun creating these outfits for LM.

       Stenciled Cat Top                      Jumper to Jumpsuit                     Black + White Edelweiss

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

refashion: jumper to jumpsuit


My husband bought me a cute jumper dress as a surprise when we were dating because he remembered I mentioned I liked it. I wore it a lot during the time we were falling in love, so later when I decided it was a little too short for me to feel comfortable wearing it anymore I didn't want to just give it away. It sat in a pile in my sewing room for almost two years before I finally decided to cut into it and this is what became of that nostalgic gift. I think this sassy pants almost five-year-old wears it better than I did!

This project only took about an hour start to finish. All I had to do was take the sides in and then I laid a pair of her leggings on top of it to use as a template to cut out the inseam. I actually finished this a few weeks ago but have been super busy with a work project this month so I am just getting around to sharing it now. I am pleased to report that LM has been pulling it out of her drawer to wear often.

I am linking up with KCW here.

Monday, July 15, 2013

refashion: stenciled cat top

This was one of those projects where I started with a vague idea, but really had no clue where I was going with it until I was done. It is a refashion of a plain long-sleeved peter pan collared dress I thrifted last year knowing it was the perfect blank canvas to do something fun. The dress was marked a size 3T so I was originally making this with Lark in mind, but when I tried it on her the shoulders were to wide and it fit LM much better as a top.

I chopped the long sleeves off of the original dress and added a black flutter sleeve, then printed the shapes along the bottom using fabric paint and one-half of the arrow stencil from Handmade Charlotte's Family Message Center Stencil Set. I was just going for something graphic but quickly realized - Hello! Cats! - so when I stitched the hem up by hand I gave each little kitty a pair of eyes along the way.

When I showed it to LM I secretly hoped she would exclaim, "You have cat to be kitten me, I want to put it on right meow!" You know, or something close to that. She didn't, but she liked it and I got a "Thanks, mom!" so I am happy.

I will be joining the summer KCW challenge this week. You can find my projects here. Are any of you playing along as well?