Thursday, June 27, 2013

the edelweiss dress

Today I am joining the Hey June pattern tour of the Edelweiss dress. Adrianna of Crafterhours invited me along and I am so happy she did because a) it inspired me to finally get back into the sewing room, and b) I love this pattern! It is just the right amount of sweet and the options are pretty much endless of how it can be switched up with different fabrics, a pieced bodice, or by making it tunic or dress length. I already have so many ideas of different 'looks' I want to sew up.

When I first saw the pattern I knew immediately what style of dress I wanted to sew. It reminded me of this vintage pinafore I had been wanting to try and recreate for some time and so my inspiration was set from the beginning. I found the solid colors in my fabric stash and started piecing them together to make the triangle pattern first. As I went along I decided if I was going to do all of this tedious piecework then I wanted to have the triangles go all the way around the dress for a bigger impact. So, I altered the pattern a little by merging the three bodice pattern pieces into one - that way the triangles could be one continuous piece. I also added a lining to the skirt since I chose white. I am asking for it, I know, but doesn't every little girl need a white dress for summer? ;)

I love the off center buttons in the back and the fact that I can move them over to loosen the bodice so she can fit into the dress longer. 

This just might be my favorite piece of clothing I have made to date. I really love how it turned out, and a great pattern can make all the difference!


  1. just kill me now, I'm done. I'm SO glad that we randomly got hooked up and you were so generous with your time to agree to join the tour, because this is flat out amazing. I'm really glad you ended up liking it too, that makes me really happy to hear :) Your daughter looks like a little angel with her blonde curls and white dress too, I hope she loves it!

  2. This is SO amazing and gorgeous! WOW!

  3. I'm so glad to see you sewing again! This dress is PERFECT!!!!!!

  4. This is really cute!

  5. I prefer white for children because it bleaches clean. You can't bleach pink, blue, or yellow! (Not that I'm overly fond of bleach, but it's a solid, swift solution.)