Tuesday, June 11, 2013

our garden

We have been spending most of our days outside. I love weeding (no, really, I love weeding) and the girls have claimed the spaces under and between the lilac trees as their "hide out/tree house/grotto" so we are a content trio out in the yard. I pull and they pretend.

Over Memorial Day weekend we were able to clear out a space for our garden thanks to a neighbor with a tiller. This is the area where the fire pit was located, but we decided to move it since this was the best spot for the garden. The stone pathways are made up from all of the rocks we dug out from around the pit. I am so happy to have such a big space to grow food for my family!

I want our garden to be a family endeavor, so we invited the girls to help as much as they wanted. Lark just wanted to wear my gloves and pretend to plant, LM decided she wanted to put the seeds in the holes. Tending a garden can teach so many concepts from the science of how plants grow, to the rewards of hard work and I hope my girls will learn and grow along with our food this season.


  1. these are just gorgeous, i'm so amazed at all the work you have done! and the girls are so precious. love you guys

  2. The paths look great! Gardening is such an amazing, fulfilling pastime for kids. They have the faith to do it too. Last year my son planted some watermelon seeds from a store-bought watermelon. I warned him that they might not grow...but we ate at least five watermelons from that vine! :)