Wednesday, March 28, 2012

on the hunt...

(just a pretty house that is not for sale)

We started house hunting last month. Which is so exciting, but I am quickly learning is also exhausting and completely frustrating. The hunt has consumed my thoughts, quite a bit of my free time, and my emotions have already been highest of high hopes and lowest of low letdowns. 

I am slowly starting to come down from the initial high and realize I need to relax. Trust that our home is out there and we will find it. We are lucky to be so blessed in our current situation and don't need to feel rushed. It will happen in time, I just don't know when that time will be.

Oh life, there you go throwing in a lesson on patience once again.

You'd think I would have learned that one by now...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

shop update: Easter Dresses

I know, I know, the last time I was here it was with a shop update and now here I am with another... but, Easter is just around the corner so I wanted to add some pretty dresses to the shop before it was too late. And, I may have another update coming soon with more pretty dresses - you've been warned! Hopefully something non-shop update related will make it on here soon too ;)

Click on the links above to go directly to your favorite piece, or head over the the shop to see them all. Thanks, hope your week has started out fresh and happy!

p.s. do you recognize two of these from Lark's birthday dress options? :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

shop update: little boys pt. 2

Here is part 2 of the boy shop update I promised. Lots of fun outfits including some perfect for riding horses, conducting trains, and sailing on the high seas. You can click on the individual links to go straight to your favorite piece, or head on over to the shop to see them all. Thank you!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

little vintage style: the birthday dress

I love picking out a pretty dress for the girls to wear on special occasions. It makes me happy and I think they look darling, plus I plan on storing them so they will each have a box of their own special dresses to keep as heirlooms.

This year for Lark's birthday I had the three options above to choose from, so I had her try them on one afternoon for a little instagram fashion show. They were all cute, but the clear winner, and my favorite as well, was option number one:

I love this dress! The colors and little details are just perfect for a birthday girl. I bought a huge gold number one balloon for her party, envisioning her wearing the dress while holding it for a fun birthday photo (picture this background, the planets aligned, angels singing...). The weather, however, didn't get the memo and turned out to be quite windy. This was the best shot I could get, ha! She was frantically signing 'All done!' and trying to protect herself as the balloon bounced off her head. I quickly realized it was not going to happen and abandoned the idea. Thankfully, my mother was helping me and had a hold of the balloon, otherwise it would have blown away.

We'll try again next year with another dress and a number two.
Lark wore: dress, vintage//tights, Old Navy

Monday, March 19, 2012

lark's 1st birthday!

We threw Lark's first birthday party on St. Patrick's Day (even though her actual birthday was last week) with a 'Gold At the End of the Rainbow' theme. It was so nice and we really appreciate all of our family coming out to celebrate this little cutie's life with us. She really is a lucky girl to be loved by so many wonderful people!

For the decor, I cut out 'Lucky Birthday Girl!' from gold sparkle paper using this font and simply taped it to the wall, then made a rainbow with balloons. The utensils and straws were held in gold glitter dipped mason jars I made that morning, and chocolate gold coins were strewn about the cake. 

We kept the menu light with pasta salad, french country bread, and green grapes. I took a chance on the pasta trying out a recipe I had never made before and it was a hit! I would definitely make it again for a large crowd since it was so easy (although I would love to tweak the dressing a bit and use fresh herbs instead of a ranch dressing packet).

When it came time to blow out the candle, we had to hold Lark back because she kept trying to grab the flame, completely opposite of her older sister who shied away from the candle when she turned one. It is so fun to start noticing these little differences in personality between them - lately, Lark is really starting to show us that she is her own little person!

As has become tradition, Husband made her birthday cake from scratch and it was definitely the highlight of the party! He used this recipe using all natural dyes and the colors turned out so vibrant and beautiful. LM was so excited for the cake to be cut saying it was magical - I think she was right. 

Lark, on the other hand looked at the cake admiringly for a moment, then signed 'All done!' and attempted to shove it off the edge of her highchair. That makes two for two kids in this family not interested in eating any birthday cake at their first party. Oh well, at least I caught the plate before it fell.

At the end, we gave all of her cousins party favors consisting of watercolors and chocolate gold coins. My sister gave me this idea and I thought it was so clever - some gold at the end of the rainbow to take home! 

(These pictures are a mish-mash from my camera, my iphone, and my SIL Heather. Thank you Heather for saving me when my camera battery died!)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

shop update: little boys

Hello! I've been working on getting some amazing pieces for little guys in the shop and this is the first of what will be two rounds of updates (so far). I love so many of these but that reversible jacket? Killer!! Head on over to the shop to take a closer look, or click on the links above to go directly to your favorite piece.

On a related note, I started a Facebook page for Hart & Sew Vintage and would really appreciate a 'like' if you get a chance. I am still figuring everything out over there because, honestly, I don't really get on Facebook very often so I need to familiarize myself - but, I plan on doing fun giveaways, promos, and sneak peeks of items on their way to the shop so you won't want to miss out!

Also, I was honored to be named one of Babble's Top 10 Vintage Baby Shops this year. I am in great company, so go check out all of the shops that made the cut. Thank you Babble, and a big thank you to all of you! Your support over the years has meant so much to me.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

little vintage style: one year old

Lark's birthday fell on Sunday this year, so we didn't need an excuse to dress up for the occasion. The weather was so nice we stopped by the park after church and managed to capture our little Lark the day she turned one before our visit was cut short to avoid a potty emergency. Can't wait for the park bathrooms to be open again now that the weather is warming up!

She still looks pretty bald in pictures, but in real life you can see she is finally growing some hair. And, not only is she growing hair but so far it is coming in RED! I must now publicly apologize to my mother who has said from the beginning she was going to be a redhead and we never believed her - a mother really does know best!

At first, LM said she didn't want to be in any pictures, but the inner child model in her couldn't resist pulling out a pose or two, ha! I swear I only told her to "go over by Lark."

I am going to miss the fun pop of color a pair of tights adds to an outfit, but it will feel so nice to have some sunshine on my legs. I have been dabbling in the world of lipstick however, so I suppose I can still get a bright pop of color that way. Are you a lipstick wearer? I never wore it until recently. I decided I wanted to feel confident wearing lipstick if I so chose and it has been really fun!

I just got this skirt on sale (it seems to be gone now) and even though it's knit, I think the light colors will translate well into Spring. You've seen LM's dress before almost one year ago here (she looks so much older now!).

LM wore: dress, vintage//cardigan and tights, Old Navy//shoes, Nordstrom Rack
Lark wore: dress, vintage//tights, Old Navy// shoes, Target
Mama wore: shirt, Layers Clothing//skirt, Anthropologie//tights, Target//belt, Nordstrom//shoes, Anthropologie

pE9BUv on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

And, here is Lark doing a happy dance for turning one! Yay!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Eventful happenings:
Lots of time spent outside enjoying the gorgeous weather
Our first trip to the little lake this year
Lark cut a top front tooth and the other is close behind

A hot chocolate picnic while watching the sunset
Discovered house hunting will make me go CRAZY, for real
Daylight savings is making me happy

LM rediscovered her vintage tap dance costume love
Lark finally started taking a bottle, giving me some freedom
A Saturday morning nap for all and Sunday morning church

And, the biggest happening - LARK TURNED ONE! My baby is one year old! We will be officially celebrating this coming weekend since I was truly in denial and didn't plan her party in time, but today we gave her a little taste of ice cream to honor the occasion and she enthusiastically approved.

Friday, March 2, 2012

refashion: two into one

This week LM and I worked on a quick sewing project together during Lark's nap time. I've had this refashion on a to-do list in my head ever since coming across this inspiration. LM was very helpful at handing me pins, spraying the water bottle on the fabric while I ironed, and holding the end of the fabric up as I sewed. I loved that she was really into the whole process and excited about what she could do to contribute.

Though we had fun making it, to me in the end it was looking like a rushed job on a nap-is-almost-ending deadline. But, when daddy got home later and she proudly twirled in it for him and exclaimed, "Look at the pretty new dress I made with mommy!" Well then, seeing the memory of the experience light up her eyes, it was looking a whole lot better.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

shop update/life update

Hello! Here is this week's shop update. You can click on the individual links, or head on over to the shop to see it all.

We are slowly getting back into a normal routine around here. Lark is looking and feeling so much better and she laughed yesterday for the first time in almost a week. I hadn't realized just how much I missed hearing her sweet giggles! Her high fever finally broke and she got a rash which I was actually happy to see - that means she had roseola, and we wouldn't have to take her in to get a catheter to check for a bladder infection. The rash is almost gone now, and we are just left with trying to get her sleeping through the night again. She has been waking up to nurse more than she ever did as a newborn and I am tired! I am hoping this is the last sickness we will be hit with before Spring rolls in, happy March friends!