Wednesday, March 21, 2012

little vintage style: the birthday dress

I love picking out a pretty dress for the girls to wear on special occasions. It makes me happy and I think they look darling, plus I plan on storing them so they will each have a box of their own special dresses to keep as heirlooms.

This year for Lark's birthday I had the three options above to choose from, so I had her try them on one afternoon for a little instagram fashion show. They were all cute, but the clear winner, and my favorite as well, was option number one:

I love this dress! The colors and little details are just perfect for a birthday girl. I bought a huge gold number one balloon for her party, envisioning her wearing the dress while holding it for a fun birthday photo (picture this background, the planets aligned, angels singing...). The weather, however, didn't get the memo and turned out to be quite windy. This was the best shot I could get, ha! She was frantically signing 'All done!' and trying to protect herself as the balloon bounced off her head. I quickly realized it was not going to happen and abandoned the idea. Thankfully, my mother was helping me and had a hold of the balloon, otherwise it would have blown away.

We'll try again next year with another dress and a number two.
Lark wore: dress, vintage//tights, Old Navy


  1. that last picture is SO cute. i'm so happy to see that babies don't magically turn into teenagers at their first birthday. she still looks like a baby to me. cute little one.

  2. Perfect choice! I love seeing the shot from the photoshoot that didn't turn out as planned :) Yesterday Elsie wore the yellow dress you sent and it was painfully adorable. I'll have to send you a picture...

  3. My pictures NEVER work out the way I want them too. Sometimes they are better in hindsight when they tell a story and are not "picture perfect." It seems to say a little somethin' about their personality. I thought Lark looked adorable in her birthday dress.

  4. @jessica - YES! I would LOVE to see her in it!

  5. what gorgeous dresses you had to choose from,she looks very cute in the balloon photo even if it wasn't quite what you had imagined