Wednesday, March 14, 2012

little vintage style: one year old

Lark's birthday fell on Sunday this year, so we didn't need an excuse to dress up for the occasion. The weather was so nice we stopped by the park after church and managed to capture our little Lark the day she turned one before our visit was cut short to avoid a potty emergency. Can't wait for the park bathrooms to be open again now that the weather is warming up!

She still looks pretty bald in pictures, but in real life you can see she is finally growing some hair. And, not only is she growing hair but so far it is coming in RED! I must now publicly apologize to my mother who has said from the beginning she was going to be a redhead and we never believed her - a mother really does know best!

At first, LM said she didn't want to be in any pictures, but the inner child model in her couldn't resist pulling out a pose or two, ha! I swear I only told her to "go over by Lark."

I am going to miss the fun pop of color a pair of tights adds to an outfit, but it will feel so nice to have some sunshine on my legs. I have been dabbling in the world of lipstick however, so I suppose I can still get a bright pop of color that way. Are you a lipstick wearer? I never wore it until recently. I decided I wanted to feel confident wearing lipstick if I so chose and it has been really fun!

I just got this skirt on sale (it seems to be gone now) and even though it's knit, I think the light colors will translate well into Spring. You've seen LM's dress before almost one year ago here (she looks so much older now!).

LM wore: dress, vintage//cardigan and tights, Old Navy//shoes, Nordstrom Rack
Lark wore: dress, vintage//tights, Old Navy// shoes, Target
Mama wore: shirt, Layers Clothing//skirt, Anthropologie//tights, Target//belt, Nordstrom//shoes, Anthropologie

pE9BUv on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

And, here is Lark doing a happy dance for turning one! Yay!


  1. Awww you girls looks so sweet together and that little gif is so precious. One of these days I'll get brave enough to wear colored tights, but I guess not this season lol.

    - Sarah

  2. You three look great! Happy birthday Delilah!!!

  3. She's so stinkin' cute! You all look lovely! And I love the gif, I just figured out how to do that in PS a few weeks ago :)

  4. That animated gif made my day!


    LazerBaby | baby and toddler vintage

  5. So, so, so cute! Can't wait to see more red hair sprouting. Happy birthday, Lark!!

  6. stacy I LOVE this. you 3 look beautiful!!!

  7. love all your outfits,happy birthday to your 1yr old, her little fish dress is gorgeous

  8. Happy birthday sweet Lark! She looks like just like a little dolly.

  9. I just adore everyone's outfits- all so perfect! Happy Birthday, Lark!

  10. LOVE how colorful your outfits all are! Your girls are such dolls!