Wednesday, May 8, 2013

our backyard anniversary date

This past weekend Husband and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary. We decided not to worry about dressing up fancy or giving each other gifts and were both content spending the day doing yard work side by side. We hauled away two truckloads of plant debris (thanks to the help of my dad and his truck), and our flowerbeds are now actually starting to resemble flowerbeds.

The girls had been begging all week to have a camp out with s'mores, so we ended the day around our fire pit for the first time. We have plans to fix it up a bit and probably move it's location, but for now it is a fun gathering spot. We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs, and enjoyed all of the beautiful blossoms that are showing off on our two apple trees and one gigantic pear tree. Our five lilac trees are alllmost in bloom. Afterwards we set the tent up inside for the girls to sleep in and since we left it up they have been enjoying playing in it all week.

It wasn't the most romantic anniversary we have ever had, but it is definitely up there as one of my favorites. We are so happy and grateful for this life we have built and that we have this little piece of land to work on and improve, and most especially spend time together in.


  1. We did the exact same thing on the weekend, although an Australian version with sausages on the hotplate and marshmellows on sticks. It's such a nice and easy thing to do as a family, even though we don't seem to do it nearly enough. Happy Anniversary x

  2. that last pic of lark is killing me with cuteness. also your hair is looking great and i wish mine was as naturally wavy. just some random post pregnancy waves underneath. glad you 4 had a happy day, xo