Friday, July 19, 2013

another edelweiss

I couldn't go too long without whipping up another Edelweiss dress. Since I made the last one a tad bit more difficult with all of the added piecework sewing a more simple version the second time around felt like it went super fast. You may have noticed a color theme going on this week. I promise I didn't plan on making everything black and white, but what can I say?! I am falling for the trend.

So this is my KCW summer wrap up! I didn't have time to sew a ton and I didn't even sew a single thing for sweet Lark, but it was really fun creating these outfits for LM.

       Stenciled Cat Top                      Jumper to Jumpsuit                     Black + White Edelweiss


  1. I loooove black and white on little gals! And your LM has the cutest expressions / poses.

  2. Another great version, love it! And seriously, her face!

  3. oh my!!!! I LOVE your outfits for LM!!!

    You are inspiring me to try out sewing so I can make clothes for my little girl . . . .

    Where does most of your inspiration come from!?