Sunday, June 10, 2012

our ballerina

The Little Miss ended her first year of dance a few weeks ago. She loved it and is already asking me when she can start going again. It was definitely one of the highlights of my week helping her pick out an outfit, putting her curls up in a top knot, and then watching her concentrate as she proudly put on her ballet flats all by herself.

If you follow me on Instagram (stacyhartsew) then you probably saw my weekly ballerina series which I've (mostly) rounded up here. We usually stopped on our way out the door before class and LM would humor me and strike a pose. I'm so happy I took these pictures since, at least to me, they show how much she grew both physically and technically throughout the year. Her first day of class was the picture just below on the right (pink leotard, blue bow) - compare that to the last picture which was taken after her recital almost nine months later and you can really see how much she matured.

We are so proud of our little ballerina! She got up on that big stage in front of everyone and danced every step with a big smile on her face - I may be biased, but I think she was the best one :) We have a natural born performer on our hands and I hope to give her many more opportunities to shine, as long as she wants them.

Year one, check.


  1. Oh my, she is so darling! You can totally see a progression in your photos. What a fun idea.

  2. I have loved your weekly ballerina series! Bummer it's over. :) Em just had her last class this weekend too - her recital is next week. It's just so adorable to see them all in costume together.

    Congrats to LM, she sure is a cute little dancer!

  3. Ugh, these are all just so precious!! What age did she start ballet at? I've already scoped out a ballet school and I'm just waiting until my little is old enough! I thought she could start ate age 2 but unfortunately it's 3!

    1. Thanks! She started at age 3 and I think it is the perfect age for them to actually hold still enough to learn some technique along with all the fun :)

  4. So sweet! We are planning to start our little lady in ballet in the not too distant future.

  5. love that last picture of her with her flowers. What a cutie pie!

  6. she is just precious - makes me miss my ballerina days!

  7. Your lil Doll is Just Beautiful! I have a lil Doll as well =) look forward to following along <3