Monday, July 30, 2012

starting an art journal


Yesterday we started a new on-going kid's project - making an art journal! The plan is to spend some time on Sunday afternoons documenting something we did the week before with collages and words using anything we can find laying around the house. I want to foster a desire in LM to record the big or little moments of her life and hopefully help her on her way to be an avid journal writer - something that has been important to me in my life and I think will be a healthy habit for her to form. The bonus is she can explore and discover how she can express herself through art, and it is fun!

I already think that next time I will have her use a blank journal/sketch book so I won't have to keep track of her pages and figure out a way to make them into a book later - we'll see how it evolves, but this worked for now. She decided to make her page about the water slides we went to on Saturday. I helped her decide on a concept for the art since this was her first time doing any sort of collage. She drew everything and I helped her cut it out. Then I wrote down what she told me about the day,

"I love daddy to come with me on the water slides. I love mommy and daddy and Lark to come on the water slides with me. They were FUN!"

My favorite part was the little drawing of her going down the slide...

I didn't get any real life pictures of her going down the slides since I was holding Lark in the pool, but she was really brave and went down them several times even though she was a little scared of the noise and the splash at the end.

I did snap this picture of her though... and yes, she is bringing back the sunglasses holder trend ;)


  1. Cute art journal! Where did you buy the sunglasses holder? My daughter definitely needs one!

    1. thanks! i got the sunglasses holder at walmart :)

  2. Such a good idea! Mind if I steal it?

  3. Fantastic idea! I looooove her self-portrait going down the slide!

  4. Love this idea, what a wonderful creative tool to instil on her whilst she is young. I too may just steal this idea & do it with my four kids. I love encouraging creative out lets for my children. Thanks for the tip!:)

  5. Really cute idea. She's rocking those sunglasses!

  6. such a cute idea, I want to do that with my kids too :)