Wednesday, August 1, 2012

date night in salt lake


A couple of weeks ago we went out on the town to celebrate Husband's big 3-0. We dropped the girls off at my sister's house for the night and drove away knowing they would be well taken care of and excited that we had an entire night to ourselves with the added bonus of sleeping in the next morning. I mean, really.

We discussed what we were going to do on our drive to downtown Salt Lake. Having no real plans is not an ideal way to start a date, wouldn't ya say? Lucky for us, despite our lack of planning it turned out to be a great night. So, if you are local and need a date night idea, here you go...

First off, dinner at The Copper Onion. Everything we ate was delicious, but I cannot stop thinking about the beef stroganoff Husband ordered. It will haunt my taste buds until we go back and I can order an entire plate to myself, and I don't even particularly like beef stroganoff.

There is a bit of a wait you say? Well, if you coincide your date night with the Gallery Stroll (like we totally planned) (related, I am seeing another date night idea here...) then a short walk down the street are some fun art galleries and vintage shops to browse. They stay open later on Gallery Stroll nights. The pictures below were taken in The Green Ant.

After your delicious meal simply walk right next door to the Broadway theater for a movie. This is the place to find more obscure or independent films. We saw Moonrise Kingdom on our night out.

But what if you don't have a babysitter waiting at home and you couldn't decide between the two movies that you wanted to see? Well, then drive over to The Gateway theaters and turn your night into a double feature of course! And don't forget an orange chocolate chip cookie at Bear Country Cookies and a caramel apple at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (right next door to each other, so convenient!) because you know two movies warrants two desserts.

Side note: We had enough time after dinner before our first movie started that we drove over to The Gateway to buy tickets for our second. That is when we got our two desserts (ate the cookie then, saved the caramel apple for later), if you go later they may be closed. But I am sure The Copper Onion has yummy desserts!

Have fun!

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