Thursday, August 23, 2012

wearable art

One of the gifts the Little Miss received at her birthday party was some kid's craft clay. She has wanted to work with it for awhile and we finally had a chance to pull it out this week during nap time. There are certain projects I only allow her to do when Lark is asleep and this clay fell into that category for me - it is just too hard and messy to start a project meant for older kids with an almost 18 month-old wanting to join in the fun. And, let's be honest, try to eat it.

LM decided that she wanted to make colorful beads with the clay after seeing a bracelet on the packaging. She made all of the balls, with a little help from me to shape them into spheres, and then we poked them with a needle to make a hole before they were baked. Once the beads were done we simply threaded them onto elastic thread and just like that she had some wearable art!

She loves her colorful necklace and has worn it out and about with a big smile on her face. I was a little worried it would be too heavy, but she tells me it's fine. I love letting her be creative and then seeing her so proud of what she can make with her two little hands.


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  2. Just found your blog via modern kiddo and love it :) Your little ones are precious as can be. I've been a costomer at your etsy shop, but had no idea you had a blog as well. Will be sure to stop by again and say hello!

    Ashley @

  3. Cute, what a fun project! I will have to remember this when my daughter gets older. She would just eat the stuff at this point too.

  4. i like the necklace!!! so funny and original , congrats =)