Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a mini tour

Thank you for your excitement about our happy house news! I am still letting the fact that we are now homeowners settle in... it is a bit strange that although we made this huge life-changing purchase we won't need to start packing anytime soon, but it is the best feeling knowing my key chain is just a little bit heavier because we achieved our biggest dream! 

I haven't had a chance to take decent 'before' pictures yet, but here are some pictures I snapped with my phone yesterday. The house definitely doesn't feel like home yet in the state that it is in, but we will change that over the coming months...

We have an orange front door. Not sure if it will stay this color, but it is fun! You also see a peek at the amazing wood beamed ceiling which was the main reason I wanted to look at this house in the first place. They had me at hello, those beams.

This is the faux paint job and random metal tiles glued on the wall in the master bedroom. The previous owners made some odd decorating choices throughout the house to say the least. You can tell they were trying to fix it up, but their efforts just... well, failed. 

And, here is a peek down the hallway which ends with some built-in cabinets. I don't know what it is about built-ins, but I just love them and wish there were more!

First on the agenda is to demolish the kitchen (which I didn't get any pictures of yesterday). We are starting from scratch there and soon you will see why...


  1. That faux paint job is just quite "special" isn't it! I think paint it all white and with those built ins- They are fantastic and I just want to come over and cover each door with a different vintage wallpaper for you. melx

  2. What era is your house? Looks like 50s/60s--my absolute favorite! It looks beautiful...I can't wait to see more of it, congratulations!!!!

    1. Oh nevermind! I just saw the previous post. We own a 1957 ranch house and I have SO much love for our house. Even though we also need to remodel our kitchen (which we are planning within the next 2 years) and one of our bathrooms is just...well...ok. I'm going to be anxiously awaiting all your house posts...please keep us updated!

  3. Fun! The beams are great. That house totally fits your aesthetic (if pinterest is any indicator). Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    We bought a late 40s house last year. Lots of projects...but I'm just in heaven! Suits me perfectly.

  4. O my goodness Stacey, I am just beyond excited for you guys. Probably a HUGE project but I love fixer uppers. I especially LOVE your orange front door. Wish I had one. I can hardly wait to see your up and coming posts. Good Luck!!