Friday, March 4, 2011

three little clouds

One of the pros (actually the only pro) about the occasional night when I can't fall back asleep quickly after nature calls is that ideas seem to flow easily into my mind... for instance, the doll suitcase - I thought that one up in the middle of the night and then I really couldn't fall back asleep because I was so excited to make it.

This was one of those flowing ideas. As I lay my head back down my thoughts turned to what I should hang up over the crib (obviously because that is a very important thought to have at 2 am) and what came to me was clouds, with doilies. I knew I wanted it to be something light so I wouldn't be worried about it falling on the baby and what is lighter than clouds? My sleepy mind has all the answers.

So last night I made these three little cloud pillows (how-to steps below if you are interested). You could say they are rain clouds since I used gray fabric, or even snow clouds since the doilies are like snowflakes (the Little Miss pointed that one out to me), but I think they are happy clouds whatever kind they are... 


The Little Miss is officially sleeping in her toddler bed full time now (recently freshly painted white) and it seems we timed the switch perfectly since she has discovered how fun it is to climb on the crib. She is excited for baby sister to sleep there soon.

Mid-photo shoot I remembered that I could put up the vintage mobile I bought now, and best part - that it is an umbrella! I didn't even think of that connection when I was making the clouds, although my happy clouds would never rain on her sweet head :)

So the nursery is slowly coming together. I still want to get new curtains, make a bedspread for the Little Miss, finish the baby quilt I started, and hang up all the pictures, but all of the big main projects are done! We are very happy to have our garage back now that everything is painted.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

The clouds were super easy to make (a satisfying project you could finish in less than an hour):
- Make a cloud template out of paper or just draw directly onto the fabric
- Cut out 2 clouds and sew them together leaving an opening on the side
- Clip around curves and down to corners, turn right side out and iron flat
- Stuff as full as you want with stuffing
- Slip stitch the opening closed
- Lay doily on top, pin in place, and hand stitch onto cloud (I stitched mine on very loosely since they wouldn't be viewed super close up or touched and I promised my mother I wouldn't ruin the doilies since they were made by my great-grandmother. If I was making a pillow someone would use frequently I would machine sew the doilies in place before I sewed the two clouds pieces together.)
- I hung mine up lazy style with a strip of scrap fabric safety pinned on the back


  1. oh man, I might have to make these for my little girl due next month. Or even for next to my own bed :)

  2. I love your ideas. I made a c loud with dangling hearts for my sons teacher on her birthday. I never got a photo of it.

    Gotta love those late night inspirations.

  3. i wish my mind was lucid enough to have thoughts like this for my bathroom trips at night. they look darling. and also, i can only hope i look as good as you right before i have a baby! can't wait to see her stace!

    they are adorable! Oh I have doileys, and I think I will make some too. cute.
    thanks for sharing!
    Pepper x

  5. These are so gorgeous! Love the idea! Thank you so much for sharing :)

    Added them to my big doily roundup!

  6. such a sweet adorable idea, love it, thank you very much of the sharing;-D

  7. OH MY. i must do this for my baby girl, due in 2 months. just out of curiosity, do you remember the brand/color of the paint used on this wall?

  8. I adore your clouds. I have featured the on my *new* blog too, come and see:

    Thanks & congratulations!x