Saturday, March 19, 2011

lark//1 week old

I can't believe how much our tiny Lark has changed in just one short week. I've decided to document her growth by taking pictures of her wearing this pin each week for the first month, and then once a month after that... 

So far she has only kept us up one night - we want to pinch ourselves and hope it keeps up (pretty please?). She is a champ at cuddling and nursing, but her burps do not want to come out without a fight.

 And, it is official that she has inherited her daddy's dimple! It shows up when she smiles in her sleep and melts my heart. Also, when she was first born I thought she looked nothing like her sister, but now I am starting to see more similarities in their looks.  

Speaking of her big sister, the Little Miss is slowly adjusting. It's been hard to tell how she really feels though because she came down with a 102 degree fever this week which made her extra needy and clingy. I have a feeling it isn't going to be smooth sailing though... any advice on how to make the transition easier for the older sibling (and for the momma being pulled in two directions)?

 I'll be posting my birth story soon, and maybe I'll find something else to blog about other than babies but I can't promise anything! Okay, back to snuggling on the couch now. We are going to watch a movie. Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


  1. oh my oh my!! She is GORGEOUS!! WE cannot wait to meet her. I hope Avery feels better!! It is a tough adjustment for all I think. But my only advice is to just slow down and take time to love and adore Avery as much as you can! That lovin comes pretty natural with the wee one, so it can be hard to split the attn. between the two.

  2. Lark is absolutely gorgeous and what a brill idea with the rosette but she'll be walking before you know it - have a great Sunday!

  3. She is just gorgeous! Love your idea for taking her picture regularly with that pretty flower pin! Genius!

  4. She's very pretty! I've just had a baby too, he's 17 days old now, but still much smaller than your baby's birth weight! He was 6lbs 1oz and was so little and quiet, that his Gran calls him our little sparrow baby! I like the idea of regular pictures with the brooch!

  5. Oh, she's so alert in these photos!
    My mom's friend shared her secret with me after Ruby was born. Use one or two day time feedings as a time to sit and read a story to the older sibling. It's allowing them to get your attention while you take care of baby's needs. Sebastian didn't really want to at first but later got interested.

    I hope she feels better soon and that you all get lots more of those restful nights!

  6. She is so lovely. I like the idea of the pin, I do a mustache for my third little guy. He can hold it himself now, it's so funny.

    I have three and they love each other. The same sex is pretty smooth that way. My advice is to let her touch and feel and squeeze, and sometimes it may be too much but I think it's better than guarding all the time. I never had any jealousy with mine, so maybe we were lucky. OR maybe it was because we let them feel as if they were equals right away. We also said often that they baby was "there baby". It was pretty cute when they would tell strangers "thats MY baby", don't touch". It helped them feel ownership.

  7. I love you blog, and your new babe is so cute! I'm not a mama, so I have no advice. And I also don't mind baby blog posts. Keep 'em comin'. I'm a sucker for little syrup bows.