Thursday, March 31, 2011

cutting corners baby quilt

I wanted to get several sewing projects done before the baby was born, but turns out that sitting at my sewing machine while 9 months pregnant wreaks havoc on my pubic bones so I gave up. But, I was finally able to get Lark's baby quilt tied and finished with the help of my mom when she came to stay with me for a few days after the baby was born (thanks mom!!).

I used Rachel's Cutting Corners Lap Quilt tutorial from her Modern Patchwork e-course. I had totally forgotten about making a baby blanket until I saw this quilt so I knew I had to make one for Lark, it was meant to be! Rachel's pictures and directions were clear and super easy to follow, I just changed the measurements up to make a smaller version.

For now it is on LM's toddler bed until I can get around to finishing her new 'big girl bed' quilt. I'm thinking I'll try out a chevron striped pattern for her.

And here's a view of the quilt as a whole.

For the back I wanted more color, so I cut random widths of leftover fabric and sewed them into stripes. I love that it's an entirely new look when you flip it around since I tend to like change often.

I hope to get in more sewing time again now that Lark is settling into a more predictable nap schedule. There are several more tutorials from Modern Patchwork that I am excited to try out among other projects on my long 'to-sew' list (a list that never seems to get any shorter!). What have you been sewing lately?



  1. it's so pretty!

    i need to work on my sewing skills so i can make sweet things for my baby girl coming soon. :)

  2. Hey, it's beautiful! You may like to link to creative space page... if you haven't heard of it already :)

  3. Beautiful quilt-I especially love the back! But I'm absolutely drooling over the cradle at the end of your toddler bed!

  4. I made a quilt for my youngest son but much simpler and it was work. Yours is a beauty.

    I am sewing dolls dolls dolls until Got Craft ends.

  5. that is beautiful! love it!
    m x

  6. Beautiful! I adore the back as much as the front. That little dolly cradle is very special too. What a wonderland of girly goodness!

  7. Love the quilt and love the paint color. Mind sharing what it is? We're hoping to paint our nursery over the holidays and this color is perfect!