Sunday, April 3, 2011

lark// 2 + 3 weeks old

I almost forgot to take Lark's two week pictures (and I am posting them  a week late). The sun was going down and she didn't want to cooperate once she woke up so I enlisted LM to help me keep her happy. At her two week check up she had gained over a pound since she was born - I knew she was growing way too fast! That white onesie is already getting too small which makes me a little sad, but at least she still has chubby cheeks for me to smooch on!

At three weeks old Lark has moved up a diaper size (when she gets a little bigger I'll start using our cloth diapers again), and she gets the hiccups almost every time after she eats which make her sound like a tiny human cuckoo clock. She started sleeping 4 hour increments at night and now shares a room with her big sister. I love being able to say 'the girls room' - the plural makes me happy.

 You can kind of see her dimple in the picture above, I love it.

How was your weekend? We relaxed at home while listening to some inspired words and I am feeling more renewed. Here's to the start of a lovely week!



  1. her dimple is so cute. i just want to squish her cheeks.

  2. I'm loving the flower pin. Did you make it?

    - Sarah

  3. @sarah - thanks, yes, it is handmade! my sister gave me the flowers and I added the ribbon :)