Wednesday, April 20, 2011

little vintage style v.1

I am excited to start this new feature and I hope you will enjoy it and want to participate! If you are new or didn't read my last post about this, every Wednesday I will be posting pictures of my girls (and sometimes me too) wearing vintage clothing. Collecting and selling vintage children's clothing is a passion of mine that I have a lot of fun doing, and I wanted to document my girls wearing some of my favorite finds/buys before they grow out of them. I know there are a lot of you who have a soft spot for the vintage look too, so I would love to see your little ones or yourself showing off your duds! Link up at the end of the post and make sure to click on other entries to connect with more vintage loving mommas out there... and if you would, please pass the word along!

This week we got dressed up for an early Easter egg hunt at Grann's house. I hadn't really planned what the girls would wear for their 'official' Easter dresses this year, so I dug both of these out of the closet last minute. I really love them and this is most likely what they will be wearing on Easter day too (my mom traditionally sews her granddaughters Easter dresses which we love, but they won't be done in time this year)!

On the Little Miss: vintage 50's dress - etsy, headband - old navy, vintage oxfords - thrifted
On Lark: vintage embroidered dress - given to me by my SIL (she originally gave it to me to sell in the shop, but I couldn't part with it)
On me: vintage dress - etsy, sunglasses - UO


  1. Love this feature! My little girl is beginning to grow into some of the vintage I've got for her- none of my "real-life" friends appreciate it, but out in blogland, I can find kindred souls!

    Oh, and LOVE the yellow dress you've got on your little miss!

  2. oh my! i can't tell you how much i adore Lark's outfit! It is so unique and dainty... and i love that it isn't too fussy. that shade of yellow is divine too! i also love that one day, i am sure we'll see pictures of your littlest miss wearing that same dress. CUTE! <3

  3. Love this idea, and you all look fabulous in your spring vintage dresses!

  4. You all look so beautiful, all spring fresh and lovely!

    Thanks for running this and letting us all join in, it is so much fun!

  5. I just love yellow. So pretty, so summery, so sweet. You all look very pretty.

  6. loved joining you on this feature! cuteness overload!!

    xo Liz

  7. Their dresses are adorable! My Mother made our dresses at that age and I wish I still had them.

  8. Here are links to two vintage mamas:

    Kelly sells vintage clothing in her etsy shop too.