Friday, April 15, 2011

new feature... little vintage style

In the past I did a couple of sporadic 'little style' posts of LM wearing some cute vintage outfits. I meant to keep them up as more of a regular feature showing how we style children's vintage in our home, but somehow I haven't done one in almost 1, 2, 3, 4... 5 months!? How did that happen? I'll go ahead and blame being pregnant since that is the ultimate excuse and now I can no longer milk it... But, my point is I want to start documenting my favorite vintage clothing on my favorite almost 3-year-old girl again before she grows out of them all! And, now I have another sweet little one to add in the mix too (who happily gets to grow into her sisters vintage).

I am telling you this because I want to invite you to get your cute kiddos all gussied up in their vintage clothing and join me! I'll be posting 'little vintage style' pictures every Wednesday and you'll be able to link up with me here. I hope you'll want to show off your little ones because I want to see them, whether they are covered in vintage from head to toe or only sporting a poodle barrette! It will be a fun way to connect with other vintage lovin' mommas out there too (and if you know any invite them over). 

Of course if you want to jump in the picture with them all the better, I'm planning to sneak in a few myself. It'll be a good kick in the pants to dress up for the day - something I have not been doing much lately since the imminent threat of spit up continually lurks... but no more letting that stop me from being fashionable - at least once a week for now... :)

Hope to see you Wednesday!



  1. fun fun fun! i can't wait to see all that vintage you don't put in the shop!

  2. i would love to join you with this. its gonna be so much fun playing dress up!

  3. So adorable!!!

    - Sarah

  4. oh cute...we will try to join you this week.

  5. I just posted pics of my little man decked out in shoes and a shirt from you. He got so many compliments!

  6. okay...we posted this week...