Monday, April 25, 2011


Hope you had a nice Easter weekend! We certainly did, but the only pictures I have to show for it are of LM dancing in the kitchen with only her undies on - we like to celebrate with class. Since one of my goals as a mother is to never let any of my children end up with naked pictures of themselves on the internet I won't be posting them... but it was pretty stinking cute.

Since I didn't get any pictures of us dressed up on actual Easter day (glad I at least have these), I tried to make up for the lack of documentation by sticking bunny ears on the girls this morning. LM wasn't very interested, but little Larkie had no choice... first she wasn't into it either, but with enough baby talk I finally managed to eek out some little smiles!

Some of the highlights from our weekend:
- dying Easter eggs and then promptly eating them
- chatting with old friends
- having dinner with new friends
- unexpectedly running into my sister and her family at Costco
- impromptu hot dog dinner with family at Costco
- attending church services



  1. ha, one of my parenting goals is also to not let my kids show up naked in the internet. though that is more for their teenage bodies but i guess you have to start somewhere...

    delilah is darling! it's fun to see how much bigger she is than avery was at this age (right?), yet they look very similar to me.

  2. agh, now i want a hot dog! happy easter, xo.

  3. That little Delilah is so darling!