Thursday, September 23, 2010

the circus

We went to the circus last night. I really enjoyed the acrobatics and feats of incredible strength - not so much the animals acts, although the elephants were pretty cute (I'm not going to be joining peta on the corner protesting but the tigers looked seriously sad and broken).

The Little Miss' experience is summed up quite well by the expressions of worry, wonderment, and joy in these pictures. She exclaimed things like, "Lights! Fireworks! Trains!" all night, and when the trampoline act started (see below) she got out of her seat and danced harder than I've ever seen her dance. It was hilarious.

They really did some amazing stunts that even had Husband and I floored, but overall I left with some mixed feelings about the circus. Do you like it?


  1. all i remember from the circus is gold painted people spinning on ropes. the closest i've come to the one in SLC is taking my boys to see the elephants parade past the gateway when they first get to town. glad you mostly liked it.

  2. Ummm, I don't mind going if it's free, but if I had to pay, then NO, I really don't care enough about it to go. I am glad you had fun though, it is a lot of entertainment for the kids :)