Wednesday, July 20, 2011

little vintage style v.14

Welcome to Little Vintage Style, a place to show off your little ones wearing vintage - whether it be clothing you thrifted, bought, used to wear yourself, made using a vintage pattern or vintage fabric, we want to see! Link up every Wednesday, and make sure to click around and say hello to all of the other vintage lovin' mommas like you!


Upon arrival, this little number immediately made it into my top three. I snagged this sweet dress off Etsy the moment I saw it hearted (several times over, in fact) on my activity feed. Hopefully none of them were seriously planning on buying it, because I fell hard and fast for this amazing feather print and only hesitated long enough to check if LM would fit into it now, or if I would have to wait until Lark grew into it later - either way it was going in my cart.

If there is one thing I have learned since diving into the vintage clothing world, it's when you see something that makes your heart all-a-flutter and produces an audible *gasp* on air intake - buy it! It's not going to last for long, and you'll never see it again (although you might see the fabric somewhere unexpected!).

Okay... excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face.... 

This day we drove up to my mom's health food store to steal her away from work early and hang out while using her serger to make crib sheets. LM fell asleep in the car on the way, and we are currently in the 'extremely grumpy when woken up mid-nap' toddler stage, so I was not looking forward to her reaction when we pulled up. I quietly spoke to her in a gentle voice, and she groggily looked around until she recognized the place. After a short pause, instead of crying and whining, much to my relief she excitedly yelled, "This is where the ice cream lives!!!"

Yes, yes it does (except, it's really organic tart frozen yogurt). (and is the reason she was so cooperative for these pictures). (mmm mmm).

LM wore: vintage dress - etsy, jeggings (in a size too small, and thus too short) - Target, shoes (that she will probably be wearing every time) - Saltwater sandals

Have you ever had that heart-fluttering feeling? What was it for, and did you end up buying it?

Next week I have another adorable little guest stopping by for you to meet. Until then, link up your cuties below!


  1. LOL...I bribe my daughter with organic gummy vitamins in exchange for a few pics.....and the yogurt as well;)

  2. such a gorgeous wee dress, I often have those heart-fluttering moments over wee dresses but have no-one to buy them for anymore....I think we need another small girl

  3. LOVE the dress Stacy, it's darling! And I love the pic from your diana, especially the one where Avery and Shawn are kind of see through, way cool!

  4. Sweet dress, and I love the jeggings with the navy sandals- I may have to steal that idea from you in the future!

    That first photo is just adorable!!

  5. Oh that dress is amazing!! I think I would have for sure snagged it for my niece. Great find. These pictures are too cute {and I just shot pictures in front of tiger lillies today}! I love reading about the bribery other people use too...

  6. Gorgeous!
    And you are so right about snapping up treasures as you find them. Too many times I have passed on things and later regretted it.

  7. i love that dress so much it hurts.

    and yes, i the things that make you gasp :) Otherwise the regret is overwhelming (the NOT having bought something shoppers regret is the only kind I usually have ;)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your little precious's outfit this week <3


  8. Also? Not to sound like an idiot do you view a feed of the most recently hearted items on Etsy? I didn't even know that was an option!

  9. What a sweet print! And I must say that LM's pretty eyes and whisper blonde curls are the perfect accessory to every outfit she wears. :)

  10. @sara - anyone you add to your 'circle' shows up on your activity feed, which is the spiral circle looking icon at the top of your etsy page. it shows what they are hearting, who they are adding to their circle, etc. it's fun!