Monday, May 16, 2011

lark// 2 months

Our tiny Lark is two months old! Although I guess she is not quite so tiny anymore. She has definitely done a good job of filling herself out (I give myself some credit for that too).

Lately she has been all smiles with a few giggles and coos. She will always grin when you blow raspberries in her face. Her peaceful birth has been carried on in her peaceful personality. She is a very content little lady and is already sleeping through the night most nights. This is where I pinch myself.

Life with two little girls is good...although a bit messy! One of these days I'll get around to cleaning up the nursery and give you a proper tour. 

I'll be taking pictures of Lark wearing her brooch monthly from now on...
See her at 1 week2 +3 weeks, 1 month


  1. oh man, she looks like a perfect little baby doll, such flawless skin and those sparkly eyes! i can't believe how big she's gotten - good job stace! i love avery's hair in that last picture.

  2. I have two little girls too, 2 years and five months respectively. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a messy nursery. Both of your girls are beautiful!

  3. Wow what a good girl, i have 3 kids and none slept through for ages. I love her name 'Lark' i always love quirky, cute. Sounds like you are having a lovely time with her, can't wait to see her little clothing creations from her clever mum.

    b x