Tuesday, May 31, 2011

our weekend

Two sheets, a bazillion clothespins, and one glansa lamp made this little girl's day.

Our weekend turned out to be a rainy and a sick one. LM got a tummy bug, passed it on to Lark, and then I got hit last night. Fortunately, it was only a 24 hour bug and I am already feeling lots better and so are the girls. It skipped Husband but that was no surprise - he has the strongest immune system, I swear he has only been sick twice since I've known him!  

So, in between the many loads of laundry and resting we needed something to amuse a two-year old - I think that is the definition of a fort.

My favorite part about it? Catching LM playing pretend inside with her doll and stuffed animals. I love hearing the funny conversations she makes them have with each other, even if it makes me realize my baby girl is not such a baby anymore...


  1. Oh how sweet! I know what you mean about the little conversations they have. It's so cool once they start really talking and becoming imaginative.

  2. My husband NEVER gets sick, it drives me crazy. How do they do it?
    I love you fort, yellow is do cheery and happy for a sick and rainy day.

  3. So sorry you got hit with the bug. That is awful, I love the fort though, how fun :)

  4. what a beautiful little fort, such a happy and magical place if i've ever seen one! :)