Wednesday, May 11, 2011

little vintage style v.4

Last Friday we met up with my two sisters and their kids and walked around some gardens (I should say we walked and the kids ran). It was a gorgeous day, the flowers were beautiful, and I honestly don't think LM is happier than when she is with her cousins.

She wore another casual vintage top, although you probably wouldn't guess it was vintage by looking at it, that is unless you spotted the tag that would not stay tucked in! To me this top looks like it could be sold in stores right now, and I love the style for its timeless simplicity.

Once again Lark was asleep in the stroller, I'll have to sneak her in another week...

On LM: top - vintage Kate Greenaway, shorts - Target, shoes - Saltwater sandals
On me: shirt - Target, necklace - vintage pocket watch, a gift from my mother

Now its your turn, link up below!


  1. looove that top! she looks so good in yellow!

  2. Adorable top, and love it with the striped shorts and navy sandals!

    This is so fun to share these vintage outfits with other people who understand!!

  3. i have seen 4 different kate greenaway pieces (two on your blog, two on various others) in the last month and that lady is after my heart!

    you both look divine! <3

  4. I love her top! My little one wore an almost identical top and shorts to school today and I had full intentions of posting that outfit today! However, it now seems that I should have taken her picture before school...lunch..and the playground..LOL:)

  5. So sweet! She has the prettiest golden ringlets. That top is darling.

  6. So lovely!
    I adore those timeless styles as well. They are perfect on little girls no matter what the decade.

  7. I think my comment was eaten by blogger!
    She is totally adorable. I love those classic vintage styles as well.

  8. So very sweet. Your locket is very pretty, looks like you have sunny days, we need some of those here.