Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mothers day

Early this morning I found myself with two wide awake children and a sleeping husband. As I fed the baby, changed a very poopy diaper, and made breakfast for the toddler I remembered it was Mother’s Day. 

Wait a minute, shouldn’t I be the one still asleep in a warm bed and not wiping a sticky bum?

And at that moment I knew I had a choice.

I could be annoyed and feel sorry for myself, or I could let my equally tired husband sleep and enjoy spending a quiet morning mothering my children.

I refrained from going back upstairs claiming my ‘right’ that we switch places.

Instead, I held my sweet baby girl while she breathed softly on my neck and I realized she is old enough now to hold me back. I counted fingers and toes with my toddler and listened to her sing silly songs as she played with my hair. And I took an inner step back from our daily morning routine to really appreciate my children and marvel that I get to be their mother.

I am so grateful I had that time to be reminded that no matter how exhausting and at times trying it is being a mother, it is undoubtedly worth it.

And when Husband woke up at a decent hour (still early) I got my pampered Mother's Day breakfast and felt loved and honored, and happy I made the right choice to start my day. Because there have been many times when I haven't...

I hope all you mothers had a wonderful day and realize how important and exceptional you are!


Oh, and remember how I resolved to take more pictures of Husband and I? Well, I forgot until we were in the car... This is typical of him, every time I look he acts normal and every time I'm not he pulls a funny face!


  1. Thanks for the reminder that we have a choice!

    And seriously, your hair looks fantastic!

  2. yes! your hair is EVERYTHING, its so hard to control mine! Happy Mother's Day!! xo

  3. Yes. Everything you said. Also, you are gorgeous, lady. Such an easy smile and bright eyes (even with a newborn) and it's obvious that you have an even more lovely heart.

    Your sweet lark is getting so big!