Monday, February 28, 2011

nursing friendly dresses

I am ready for this baby to come out. And not necessarily because I am uncomfortable, because I have really easy pregnancies, it's more like I am just ready for a change. I'm sure this time of year doesn't help with Spring right around the corner too. I am looking forward to both baby and warmer weather!

I spent some time this weekend day-dreaming that I'd already had the baby and browsed for nursing friendly button-up vintage dresses on etsy. I found the perfect one for me (not pictured), but I liked all of these too. It makes me feel like my time spent searching was not as wasted if I share with you, hope you see something you like! :)

Happy Monday!


  1. The worst is getting to a party and then realizing you didnt account for nursing when you chose your clothes. ha ha

    Thank goodness for empty rooms.

  2. Hehe yeah! I'm only 33 weeks, so not as far along as you, but I'm feeling the exact same way. I want this baby out, I'm ready! :P~ But I've just got to be patient.

    Anyway, the dresses are so pretty!