Saturday, February 12, 2011

valentine's party

Yesterday we had a cousin's Valentine's Day party! It was a lot of fun, so much so that I ended up exhausted and napping on the couch by the end, ha! The day started with the Little Miss wanting a dog nose, so I drew a little heart shaped nose and whiskers on her. By the time the party started it had rubbed off a bit but that is what is on her face in case you are wondering :)

We started out by playing heart tic tac toe. This was a last minute addition and it turned out to be great because all of the kids, even the little ones, could play. The prizes were pencils, erasers, and little note pads. I just used some precut felt hearts I had on hand, but it would be perfect to use X's and O's of course!

Then we had a Valentine exchange. The Little Miss gave out watercolor hearts. I used watercolor pencils and wrote little sayings and drew pictures on some heart templates, then let her paint with watercolors over the top and cut them out. It was super easy, she had fun making them, and I like how bright and happy they turned out.

For lunch we had heart-shaped sandwiches with strawberry milkshakes and of course red velvet cake for a special treat! Then I gave the kids my camera remote to take pictures and they went a little crazy - like about 200 pictures crazy, these are just a handful...

We hope you have a super sweet Valentine's Weekend!

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