Wednesday, February 16, 2011

three of harts

Here are our family pictures we took the same day as the baby bump pictures I posted earlier. I really wanted to capture our family of three before we became a family of four (even if that meant posing with a big belly) because we had never officially taken family pictures before! I always meant to, but somehow it never happened...

I'm so happy we have these to look back on now. They will remind me of this bittersweet time and the feelings I have of being sad that my one-on-one time with the Little Miss will be ending and excited that we'll be adding another sweet girl into our lives.

I haven't been sure that the Little Miss really understood what was happening until today. After her nap she told me that when baby sister is born she wants to give her a hat and then she gave my belly a hug and told the baby that she loves her. I realized then that she does know her sister will be here soon and probably has known for sometime now...

...because if I am being honest with myself, it has felt like baby girl has been a part of our family for awhile now. So maybe these really are the first official family of four pictures we've taken. Either way, I love my little family!

All photos by Bri


  1. Those are so lovely. I can't believe how soon your due date is - so exciting! :)

  2. so so cute, you guys are darling. Can't wait to meet the new addition

  3. Such an adorable family! Love the photos :D

  4. aw those photos are lovely! so cute! you look like a really lovely family.

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  5. Very nice pictures, and super cute family. You are all so nice!

  6. such cute pictures! I love the way you wear vintage clothes while pregnant! it looks so stylish! Aww! Love it! :)
    Cardigans and Cookie Dough