Tuesday, February 1, 2011

tutorial: triangle pocket

This past Sunday the Little Miss wore this dress to church. It was the dress I made as part of her Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume, and I just thought - it's so boring. So I decided an easy way to make it more interesting would be to add pockets. But not just any pockets, triangle pockets! I have seen triangle pockets on lots of cute vintage dresses which were my inspiration.

So I made a pattern for you (see below) in case you have any clothing that needs a quick and easy makeover - and here is proof of just how easy it is in six simple steps...

Step 1. Cut out two pieces of the pattern (see below), fold over right sides together and iron.

Step 2. Sew around open edges using a 3/8 inch seam allowance, leaving a small opening on one side. Trim seams and cut bottom corner off. 

Step 3. Turn pocket right side out and iron flat.

Step 4. Slip stitch opening on side closed.

Step 5. Pin pockets on clothing (if you are making your clothing from scratch do this before you sew the pieces together).

Step 6. Sew around sides, and that's it! You can add a button for a fun embellishment if you want.

I like it so much better now, I think she'll be wearing it more often! 

Just click on the pattern below to make it bigger. 


  1. How sweet!

    This is a reason I could go to church: otherwise there is not enough that type of occasions you can dress your child up nicely:D

  2. hi! i'm not even sure how i stumbled upon your blog exactly, but it's adorable and so are you, so i decided to follow. i love all things vintage and i have two little girls so i will definitely be checking out your shop!