Thursday, January 20, 2011

thrifting maternity

(33 weeks)
We ran a few errands today and at one store a lady exclaimed to me, "You must be ready to pop any day now!" To which I replied that I actually have seven more weeks to go (thinking am I really that big yet?)... And instead of stopping there she went on to say, "You do? Really? No way, are you having twins?!"

Um, no, but thanks for making me feel like a blimp.

I actually thought it was more funny than offensive, but there are just some things you probably shouldn't say to a pregnant woman :)

So I've been meaning to talk about maternity clothes. Like how other than my maternity jeggings pretty much everything I wear does not come from the way too expensive maternity section. In these pictures the blazer, shirt, and belt are all thrifted, as is a lot of what I wear in my baby bump pictures. I don't believe it is necessary to spend a lot of money on clothes to fashionably dress a growing belly, and I'm always searching for a vintage gem too!

Some things I like to look for when thrifting 'maternity' are skinny belts (say hello to your waistline again!), loose fitting blouses (like above), dresses a size or two bigger than I normally wear (if I really love them I can take them in post-baby), long cardigans (they can help cover up zippers that won't zip all the way up in back or shirts that are too short), and comfortable flat boots and shoes.

bonus: If you want some outfit inspiration the lovely Melissa has been documenting her thrifty non-maternity maternity fashion here


  1. Oh my gosh, why did I not know about maternity jeggings until I was thirty-four weeks pregnant?! I wish I'd had a pair this whole entire time :(

  2. People used to say that to me all the time when I was pregnant with my first! Only it started around 6 months... (Yeah, I was huge haha) I haven't gotten any comments like that this time, only "So are you all done after this one?" type comments, like I've got 15 kids or something! I love thrifting maternity :) I scored a really comfy shirt today!

  3. My daughter is 15 months old now and during pregnancy the only pregnancy clothes I bought were 2 pairs of jeans (it gets really cold in Portugal during winter and beguinning of Spring). Other than that i always wore just loose long shirts (that i already owned) and dresses with scarfs as belts under the belly. The secret was colour and acessorizing ;)!

    You look amazing dear! Don't mind those people! I also heard some of those "pearls of wisdom" and now, as I look back at my photos, I realize how great I looked and how wrong those people were! Enjoy every minute ;) you and your baby deserve each moment of tenderness together!

  4. You are BEAUTIFUL! I got the "you must be having twins because you're so huge" comment too. But, if anyone makes pregnancy look good, you do!

  5. I love your top!

    Just the other day I got a comment from a guy saying that the belted bump looks disgusting. Thanks, dude who knows nothing of fashion & style. I love the belted baby bump, it definitely opens up the option of wearing tent-like shirts, but without making the body completely shapeless or blimp-like.

    Thanks for the shout out, btw!