Monday, January 24, 2011

some silly

Who knows when it started... it could have been last week when she decided it was a good idea to take off her pajamas and diaper and wet the bed at 2 am three separate nights. Or when I just wanted to fold the laundry in peace and she wanted me to cram my pregnant self behind the door with her to hide from the cat and was yanking on my leg. Or maybe it was when I was making her lunch and she wouldn't stop chanting, "I want juice, I want juice!" and I kept telling her to hold on because I could only do one thing at a time...

But I just needed some silly.


  1. Heehee... I remember my oldest used to love to strip too. The only way I could keep his clothes and diaper on is by putting on his PJ's backwards so he wasn't able to reach the zipper. Funny now, not so much then :)

  2. Love the pictures, however the chaos, not so fun. I washed all of Stock's bedding the other night and that night Stock peed the bed (he NEVER does that!) It's so hard to make the top bunk bed and I finally took everything down to wash it and then he pees. UGH! Any way, it's always good to bring in some silly during these times :)