Wednesday, January 26, 2011

nursery report

A report on our slow but steady progress of freshening up the nursery...

The dresser redo is almost done! I can't wait to have a place to put all of the baby girl clothes that have been sitting in garbage bags in the hallway. My sister-in-law loaned me so many baby clothes that combined with the ones I already had, I don't think this little girl will have to wear the same thing twice before her first birthday!

I am slowly but surely gathering some nursery decor. I never finished decorating the nursery for the Little Miss, but this time I want the room to feel complete. Here is a new-to-me vintage mobile I just acquired. I am in love with those sweet little faces!

And a look at the paint colors (not stirred hence the white swirls). A much more soothing color pallet than the current two-tone yellow walls in there. These next couple of weeks we are planning to say goodbye to the yellow, and paint the toddler bed my sister gave us white to match the crib. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but it's nice to feel like its all coming together! Yay!


  1. I have that same nursery mobile! However, I ended up taking off the little animals and stringing them on some ribbon to make a cute garland across my daughter's window.
    By the way, I just came across your blog, and love it! And my daughter's name is Avery, too!

  2. I love all those colors and can't wait to see all the finished projects. I LOVE getting ready for baby...even if it does get a little overwhelming

  3. I love the vintage mobile!! It's the same one I had as a child. My mom and I recently discovered mine in the original box when my parents were moving into a new home. It was shattering and had to be tossed... but I took a photograph of the box so I can find my own when I have a little baby!

  4. I came across your blog to see the animal headbands, then I saw that mobile. I had the same one as a kid!