Friday, January 28, 2011

playing dress up

 We've been having fun playing dress up around here. This little girl is discovering her inner fashion diva and wants to try on every dress and pair of shoes she sees - even if they are for tiny babies. She got in trouble today for taking her sneakers off in Target four different times because she, "needed to walk on her feet" over to the sandal section. I swear she would be entertained for a whole afternoon with a just pile of shoes to try on! Which is actually not a bad idea.

I remember loving to play dress up when I was little. My mom had (still has) a big old steamer trunk full of vintage dress up clothes, hats, gloves, glasses, shawls, shoes, purses... you name it. We always had so much fun digging through it, so I don't blame the Little Miss for wanting to dig through my vintage kids closet!

This little dress will make another appearance soon as I have plans for it, but first I need to mend some seams. And those cowgirl boots are too big but she likes to wear them around the house anyway.

This sweet dress is in the shop. The shoes are some of my favorites ever, also too big for her! I think she was pretending to go to work with her lunchbox - she says she works at the farm :)

And this dress is from her own closet. I have a feeling playing dress up will be in our regular routine from now on. Maybe I can convince my mom to lend me some of her old dress up accessories because I think these (pretty horrible, sorry) pictures are lacking some Mary Poppins hats, kid gloves, and granny glasses!


  1. adorable! it's nice to see her in some of your great vintage!!

  2. She looks exactly like you in the second picture!

  3. the blue and yellow dress is amazing!!!!