Friday, January 14, 2011

a is for apple

If you ask the Little Miss to sing the alphabet she will burst into song (maybe mumbling a little through the LMNOP section), but if you ask her to recognize specific letters it's touch and go. So, I thought it would be fun for her and I to do some alphabet art projects together to help her learn all the letters.

And so we started with 'A' is for apple.

I cut out all the pieces ahead of time and put one together for her to look at and copy....

...then let her have at it with the glue stick.

 I pointed out where Mommy put the pieces on hers, but let her put them wherever she wanted - they ended up being pretty close to the right places!

Tada! She was really proud of herself, saying she wanted to show Daddy when he got home.

We are going to hang them up in her room and create an art wall. I'll be curious to see how her glue stick and placement skills improve throughout the year. I'm glad she had fun and I hope she learned the letter 'A' too!


  1. How sweet is she :) This is such a great idea too, I bet my daughter would love it.

  2. Such a sweet and simple idea and I love that you're going to create an art wall out of it. I'm your newest follower for sure!

  3. These are really lovely, such a shame the ones you can buy in the shops are no where near as nice as these :-)

  4. Hey Stacy! I just wanted to show you how much your dollhouse suitcase inspired me :) Im adopting a little girl this year and wanted to make one as well. Here is my progress so far!!