Tuesday, October 19, 2010


jeg`gings: pants so comfortable you won't remember you have them on.

Okay, so jeggings haven't made it into the dictionary yet, but that is my personal definition. After a week or two of using an elastic hairband to keep my pants on I went out and bought these maternity jeans and I. am. in. love! If you are pregnant (or not) come over to the jeggings-side. You won't ever go back. You can plan on my wearing these with boots every day all winter long.


  1. Oh I have been eyeballing these...but I just wasn't sure. Thanks for the recommendation. So how do you think they fit? Size-wise? Do they run big or small? I think I might order some cause I am too lazy to drive to the store;)

  2. Ok so they are already sold out of my size online...did you get them at the store? Which one?