Monday, October 4, 2010

puddle jumping

We had planned to take a drive up the canyon to see the fall colors but it rained like crazy all. day. long. I never remember to check the weather. But, no worries, we are flexible and puddle jumping was quickly added to the schedule while a fall drive was pushed back to an unknown later date (still haven't checked the weather).

We were happy to meet Mr. Snail who was also out playing in the rain. He had never met a Little Miss before and the Little Miss had never met a Mr. Snail before so it was quite the exciting moment. He showed her how to slither and she showed him how he could hide from the rain under bark.

So despite the change in plans, we had a fun day in the rain in a mostly thrifted ensemble.

Her Outfit:
Shirt - Cherokee, thrifted
Leggings - thrifted new with tags
Boots (yes I know they are snow boots, not rain boots) - thrifted

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