Monday, October 25, 2010


Sorry for the tease but I am just so excited that I got to see my little bean today I wanted to show you it's sweet profile! I can't tell you the gender yet (we have a plan of how to tell our families and since most of my sister's and sil's read this blog I have to wait). But can I just say I am so happy to know and so excited for who is coming to join our family.

The Little Miss summed up her experience like this on the car ride home, "Mommy, baby in the ocean. Lay on pillow. Pink rag."

I laughed at her sweet, matter-of-fact observations. Yes, it did kind of look and sound like the baby was in the ocean, and yes, I laid on a pillow, and yes, there was a pink rag covering my pants so the gel didn't get on my clothes. She also made sure to tell the ultrasound tech and the midwife that I had a baby in my tummy. I'm so glad she is starting to understand a little bit about what is going on, she'll be such a good big sister.

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