Monday, March 24, 2014

larkie lou turns three!

Lark turned three-years old earlier this month and we celebrated as a family with a simple breakfast birthday party before daddy had to go to work. She blew out her candles on a stack of pancakes that we all shared, and then opened her presents - a little shopping cart and a wooden cash register. This girl is obsessed with the grocery store area at any children's museum, so we knew this would be the perfect gift for her - yep, she loved it!

One of my sisters (thanks, Amy!) had given us that puppet theater/store front piece of play furniture (does it have a name? I'm not sure what to call it, ha) that Lark is pushing the cart next to in the picture above, so the night before we got it all set up as a little grocery store for her to go shopping. We already had all of the play food from the girl's play kitchen. Lark grabbed her doll and set her in the cart, found a little purse to keep her new play money and credit card in, and spent the good part of the day switching off being the shopper or the checker.

After I rang up all of her food once she said, "Thanks for checkering me out, mom!" I love this age.

And now, I present unto you the many faces of Lark...

This is what she does when confronted with a camera. We sure love this spunky little three-year old!

See her first birthday and second birthday. That hair was worth the wait! :)

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