Friday, March 21, 2014

10/52 + 30 weeks

This week I thought two pictures each of the girls said it better than one.

1 + 2 - LM playing pretend on her bed with some of her Littlest Pet Shop figurines she inherited from her cousin. I love listening in on her pretend play conversations, it is so entertaining.

3 + 4 - Lark is our little bookworm with her nose often found in a book. When she gets hurt or sad she will cry, "I want to read a book!" and run to her room. We snuggle on the 'comfy chair' together and I read her stories until she feels better. (This reminds me that when LM was her age she would cry, "I need a rest!" when she was hurt or sad and would get a blanket and lay down on the couch).

4 - The farther along I get the less I feel like taking pictures, ha. I know I will be glad to have them to look back on though. This little guy is starting to kick me hard enough to make me jump sometimes and he has been getting the hiccups almost every night. So far we have cleared out the room that will be his nursery so it is empty. I am looking forward to getting it ready for him over the next couple of months.


  1. You look beautiful!

  2. Oh, you look great! I'm about a week behind you with my #7....and haven't taken any pregnancy pictures. I think it would take a skilled professional to take one that I liked. ;)