Saturday, March 15, 2014

9/52 + 29 weeks

1 - I am cheating and posting another picture of LM I love from last week. :)

2 - Lark had her third birthday this week! We had a simple family celebration in the morning and then she was completely spoiled with love from friends and family all day long. I'll post more pictures soon.

3 - In lieu of a bump picture I wanted to acknowledge hitting a sentimental milestone. One year ago this week we lost our third sweet baby during my second trimester. I am feeling extra grateful and teary for the new life inside of me now, while remembering that brief little life that touched my heart to the core and changed me in a lot of hard, good, soul stretching ways then. This paper heart in the girl's room is meaningful to me and serves as a reminder of that life. Big hugs to any of you who have been or are going through something similar now.


  1. sending you lots of love. So glad for your beautiful family that's a new life on the way.

  2. sending you lots of love. So happy for your beautiful family that there's a new life coming.