Friday, March 7, 2014

8/52 + 28 weeks

1 - LM lounging on the rocking chair. It doesn't seem like so long ago that those pants were too long for her and she wore them all bunched up at the bottom. Now they fit her perfectly. It's crazy how fast that happens. 

2 - Lark's favorite part of the playground is the swings. She likes to test out each one before we leave.

3 - I didn't get a bump picture this week. Maybe I will just make that picture optional since I am the one making up the rules here. ;) I took the glucose test this week which is not my favorite, but it is a milestone that is nice to hit since it is sort of like a nasty, too sweet welcome toast to the third trimester. Cheers!

At my midwife appointment afterwards while I was getting up on the table the girls went right over to the drawer where they keep the fetal heart rate doppler and took it out. My midwife was very kind and let Lark hold the machine and turn it on while LM put the wand on my belly and found the heartbeat. It was a really sweet moment seeing their excited faces while we listened to baby brother.

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